Nicolas Cage: Deep Learning Superstar

Deepfaking with Nicolas Cage

Some of the most exemplary deepfakes work to date has been by /u/derpfakes, who has inserted Nicolas Cage into all manners of video clips such as below.

You can see the full collection of videos from /u/derpfakes on his youtube channel.

The “Nic Cage as Everyone” meme began with a blog in 2009 that started photoshopping Nicolas Cage onto, well, everyone. Nicolas Cage originally starred opposite John Travolta in the 1997 action film Face-Off, in which an FBI agent and criminal have their faces swapped. This movie may have inspired the blog. Luckily, we were not subject to similar John Travolta as Everyone efforts.

In 2016, the landmark research paper titled “Fast Face-swap Using Convolutional Neural Networks” by I. Korshunova et al. applied deep learning methods to perform face swaps using, among other targets, Nicolas Cage, as shown below.

nic cage face swap

The intrepid researchers proceeded to apply their newly developed deep learning algorithm to all manners of Nicolas Cage face swaps.

nic cage deep learning

Today, the fine tradition of Nicolas Cage deepfakes continues, although /u/derpfakes recently decided to end his veritable Nic Cage run, as reported by theVerge.

Nicolas Cage has made, and continues to make, crucial contributions to advancing deep learning technology, and for that we are grateful. If you are interested, you can read the original research paper as a PDF file here.

Media sources: The video clip is from /u/derpfake’s Youtube channel. The copyright for the original source material belongs to Warner Bros. Images are taken from I. Kushonova’s publication as hosted on

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